Flexible membership options to meet your changing needs and fit every budget:

Monthly membership = $75

Our best value plan that INCLUDES A FREE TWO WEEK TRIAL when you first sign up. Perfect for the professional who would rely on WEach Seats as a regular part of their work lifestyle to meet a project deadline or take a client meeting/call, utilizing any or all of the network of locations as much as they need.

Weekly membership = $25

Great for the professional who may be on the road or on vacation part of the month and would rely on WEach Seats heavily but only over a few week span. There are sometimes special discounts on the weekly membership so make sure to check your app.

Daily membership = $15

The ideal way for the professional who gets an occasional “work-at-home” day or new WEach Seats user to try all the same benefits as other members but with a simple day-pass that can be purchased as needed. Try all the locations (even in the same day) for the one-time payment. There are sometimes discounts on the daily membership so make sure to check your app.

Corporate membership(s)

An excellent way for small, mid-sized, or large companies looking for an additional incentive alongside the “remote day” or to host an inspirational breakout work session out of the office. WEach Seats memberships keep employees in productive environments but still convenient to them and the home office - email info@weachseats.com for corporate discounts.