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A WeWork hot desk costs anywhere between $350 and $550 per month depending on location — more than twice the cost of a Spacious membership. Other coworking spaces aren’t much cheaper. Coworking spaces range from $175 to $500 per month in Austin. A hot desk membership at The Yard, a popular Philadelphia coworking space, costs $350 per month.

“Even if you’re comparing it to coffee shop spending, the people who go to coffee shops to work probably spend at least $100 [each month] on coffee alone,” Pesek said.

Spacious isn’t the only company going after the subset of workers who can’t afford a WeWork but would like to work out of somewhere other than their neighborhood coffee shop. There’s KettleSpace in New York City, Switch Cowork in Austin, and WEach Seats in Philadelphia. Like Spacious, these coworking spaces operate out of restaurants and hotels during off-peak hours. They’re less expensive than dedicated coworking spaces like WeWork, and more reliable than coffee shops that haven’t fully committed to the coworking game.

Matthew Weaver