What does “WEach Seats” mean?

The “We + Each economy” is the new normal for professionals - independent proprietors, self-employed freelancers, start-up entrepreneurs, or salaried workers who work remotely some or all of the time, coming together to get things done.

That is why, more than ever, there is need for “We + Each spaces” - cohabitation for otherwise separate working professionals in one location looking for camaraderie and inspiration, or sometimes just a place to get work done.


Where do I get the app?

The WEach Seats app is available for free download onto your iPhone / iPad via the Apple App Store and onto your Android device via the Google Play Store.

How do I log in? 

You will be asked for an email address and ZIP code to log in. An automatic email will be sent to you to verify that login, and from there you will be able to start browsing the locations without having to pay anything. Your email also allows us to keep you updated with the addition of new locations, special offers or events happening at our locations, etc. We ask for your ZIP code so we can get a sense of where our potential users might live and add new spots accordingly.


How much does it cost?

A monthly WEach Seats membership is $95/month and it comes with a free two week trial period (cancel anytime before the two weeks free of charge). But if you just want to try it out or know you are going to be away part of the month, we also offer a weekly membership of $35/week and a day-pass membership of $15/day. WEach Seats weekly/daily memberships are one-time charges and monthly memberships are automatically recurring. But we often run special deals on our weekly/daily memberships, so keep checking back in the app for those discounts.

What happens when I decide to join?

Once you have browsed our locations and decided WEach Seats is a good fit for you, you can purchase a daily, weekly, or monthly membership with a credit card directly through the app. Just hit the “Get Access” button at the top right and it will take you to the membership section where you can choose an option and go to pay. NOTE: The day-pass option must be purchased the day of use and will only last for that day of use. It will take a few seconds for your card to get processed and update the system. Almost immediately you will get an automatic email confirming your purchase and you will be all set. 


How do I change my membership?

If you are going away the next month or part of the month such that only a week membership is all you need, hit the “change / cancel membership” button in the side menu and we will reach out to confirm what you want to do. To restart your monthly membership, or purchase just the week/day membership, pick your new plan and re-enter your credit card info whenever you are ready to start again.

What do I get with my membership?

Members gain exclusive access to the entire network of sites during the weekday WEach Seats hours. That includes free quality coffee, strong wifi, and ample outlets at each location - and many will have additional office equipment besides. Members may also receive special deals for drink or food at a site, which will be listed in the app.


What do the colors mean? 

It’s simple - Green means there is a table available to be reserved at the location, Red means that there are no tables available because all are reserved, and Grey means that the location is not currently servicing WEach Seat members (because it isn’t within hours to take WEach Seats reservations, or it’s a weekend, or maybe it’s simply closed for a private event or maintenance). NOTE: Tables can start to be booked at 6AM the day of use, but the sites themselves may not open their doors until later - please check each site description for details on their opening hours.

How do I check in to a seat?

WEach Seats are reserved on a first-come first-serve basis, beginning well before the locations themselves are even open. Once you have browsed all the locations to see which locations have open tables, click to that location to see more about the hours and amenities available. At the bottom hit the "check in & work here" button to claim your table. The app will generate a "check-in pass" for you to show the staff at the location - that pass will also include the wifi name/password for that day. You now have a seat all day (also indicated at the top right of your navigation screen), unless you choose to "check out" and leave.


What if I want to leave my location?

If you need to go home to walk the dog, or visit your kid at daycare, or run an errand, and don't want to lose your seat simply don't "check out" and your space at the site will be held for you until your return. But if you are not coming back, hit "check out" and that will let other WEach Seats members know that another table is now available at that location. You may also just want to go to another WEach Seats location that day, which is fine - if available, you can check in at a new spot and you will be automatically checked out of your current location. 

Will there be enough room to take a collaborator?

Yes. The number of WEach Seats tables at each location is capped and tracked via the app (you can see that number for each spot when you click on it, showing xx/xx) and no further members can check in once a location is full. We have capped the capacity so you not only get a seat but the table to spread out.  That means you will also have access to an additional empty seat at your work space so you can work with a collaborator (limit of one guest per member).



What about lunch?

Some WEach Seats locations may offer breakfast/lunch service for purchase, but you are under no obligation to do so. Some locations may even allow you to bring your own lunch or snacks (but check the profile of each site for that info). Of course you can always just pop out or go home to eat if that is more convenient, and you won’t lose your space if you do.

What happens at the end of the day?

WEach Seats locations are still restaurants during their regular hours, so you must respect that as regular patrons may start coming in. But when the WEach Seats hours end and you need to keep working, why leave? You are in a great restaurant - order a drink or appetizers and keep on working. The locations may even have specials for WEach Seats members which are listed on their individual profiles - you can stick around for dinner too, invite your friends, enjoy.


What if my local spot is closed today?

Some days your local WEach Seats location may not be servicing members because of a special event or maintenance, but don't worry - WEach Seats members have access to the entire network and another site is a short walk away. Occasionally every site may be closed (on National Holidays for instance) but upcoming closed days will be shown in the app at the bottom of each location's profile, so you will know exactly when each site may be closed well in advance.

Will there be new spots closer to me?

We hope so! WEach Seats is only getting started. We can see which locations are filling up and which ZIP codes have the biggest demand for spots and we will expand as the need arises. Likely we have already reached out to sites in your neighborhood as we plan to expand. But in the menu bar on the left hit you can hit “contact us” and fill out the online form (also on this website) to let us know if you want to see your neighborhood included.


How do I handle client meetings or conference calls?

Many of the WEach Seats locations offer dedicated areas designated specifically for a more private interaction - be it a client meeting, team meeting, or conference call. Check the individual location descriptions for those listings. Some locations even offer rooms to rent out for larger meetings equipped with screens etc. - use the “Contact Us” button in the app to get more information on cost and availability.

Can members arrange to meet other members via the app?

Yes. You not only get access to the entire network of locations, you get access to the entire network of users as well. The admin moderates a public Message Board in the app and will post a member’s interest in meeting other members for collaboration, common interest, industry expertise, social theme, etc. Send a message through the “Contact Us” button in the app with your name, location you intend to use, on what date, with who you want to connect, and why - the admin will post your message on the board for other members to see.