WEach Seats
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Workspaces as fun and flexible as your lifestyle.

Download the app for exclusive instant access to a network of the most unique workspaces every neighborhood has to offer.


Workspace that's flexible, affordable, and local 

WEach Seats is an app based network of neighborhood restaurants, gastropubs, breweries, and wine bars normally closed during work-week hours. Members gain exclusive access to these locations during the day to use as coworking space, which are equipped with strong wifi, ample outlets, free self-serve coffee, and a printer/scanner. The WEach Seats app lets members know in real-time how many seats are available and where, so they are guaranteed their own space when they check in to work.

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How it works

Download the app. Buy a membership.
Get to work. 


WORKSPACE: Trendy restaurants by night become work spaces by day with a few additions - reliable fast wifi, ample outlets, and a printer/scanner. And they’re exclusively available only to WEach Seats members during those hours.  

FLEXIBLE: Freedom feels great. WEach Seats gives members access to all the sites in the network, so they can explore and find their favorites. Forget long-term commitments - pay for just a month, week, or day at a time.

AFFORDABLE: Floating desks at a traditional coworking space can cost $350 per month!  WEach Seats costs just $7.50 per day with a monthly membership and members get free coffee and are able to bring their own lunch. That’s cheaper than squatting for the day at a coffee shop!

LOCAL: Now there is no more need to commute to a Center City high-rise (standard office or coworking space). WEach Seats locations are in neighborhoods where members live, always just a short walk from their home.

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Why it's Different


WEach Seats vs Home Office

WEach Seats believes no one should go an entire week staring at a wall, trying to get inspired, never leaving the house. Especially when, right around the corner, there is a trendy, quirky, inviting space. At WEach Seats locations, members are surrounded by a community of interesting freelancers, entrepreneurs, and remote employees feeding off each other’s energy.

WEach Seats vs Coffee Shop

WEach Seats believes working shouldn’t mean having to fight for a seat, an outlet, and a good wifi signal, only to be crammed onto a small table with someone else who may not even be working. At WEach Seats locations, members are guaranteed their own space with all the amenities they need to work and all the coffee they can drink. Members can even come and go as they want during the day, without losing their seat, or take a meeting in a more professional setting.

WEach Seats vs Other Coworking

WEach Seats believes that coworking doesn't have to mean spending a lot of money and commute time just to end up in a high-rise office (no matter how it's decorated). WEach Seats members have a better choice: they can stay local to their neighborhood, give up the commute, and work in spaces where they can easily step outside to get some fresh air whenever they want to during the day.