WEach Seats
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Redefining remote work[space].

Download the app. Reserve your own table. Work for as long as you need.

Enjoy our unique workspaces, hosted by day in premier restaurants.


Workspace that's flexible, affordable, and convenient 

WEach Seats is a network of premier restaurants and gastropubs that offers our members exclusive access to use as dedicated workspace during the day, which we have equipped with strong wifi, ample outlets, free coffee, designated meeting and call areas, and other office essentials. The WEach Seats app lets our members know in real-time how many seats are available and where, so they pay just once to explore any and all spaces they want during the day, and reserve their own table before they arrive.

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How it works

Download the app. Buy a membership.
Get to work. 


WORKSPACE: Trendy restaurants by night become drop-in workspaces by day - unique, inspirational, and outfitted with office essentials like reliable fast wifi, ample outlets, printer/scanners, and quiet areas for meetings/calls.  

FLEXIBLE: Use WEach Seats as much or as little as fits your schedule and budget. Users can select from monthly, weekly, or even daily membership options - stay for just a few hours or all day.

AFFORDABLE: WEach Seats costs just $4.50 per day with a monthly membership, without the pressure to purchase anything (and the coffee is included).

CONVENIENT: Freedom feels great, and so does reliability. WEach Seats gives members access to all the sites in the network so they can explore them all (even on the same day), and the ability to reserve their own table before they arrive.

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Why it's Different


What you like about working in public spaces...

  • Locations where you need them to be.

  • Variety of inspirational places to enjoy.

  • Flexibility to come and go as you need.

  • Productivity you feel from working amongst others.

...made easier, reliable, and professional.

  • Ability to book your own table before you arrive.

  • Stay all day with no obligation to buy anything.

  • Designated quiet areas for calls or meetings.

  • Access to office equipment, good wifi, and free coffee.