WEach Seats
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Workspaces everywhere and anywhere.

Download the app to reserve your seat anywhere in our network of unique restaurant workspaces.


Workspace that's flexible, affordable, and convenient 

WEach Seats is a network of trendy restaurants, gastropubs, breweries, and wine bars that offers our members exclusive access to use as workspace during the day, which we have equipped with strong wifi, ample outlets, free self-serve coffee, and other office equipment. The WEach Seats app lets our members know in real-time how many seats are available and where, so they can reserve their seat before they arrive.

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How it works

Download the app. Buy a membership.
Get to work. 


WORKSPACE: Trendy restaurants by night become workspaces by day with a few additions - reliable fast wifi, ample outlets, and some basic office equipment. And they’re offering dedicated space exclusively available only to WEach Seats members.  

FLEXIBLE: Use WEach Seats as much or as little as fits your schedule - users can select from a month, week, or even one-day membership options.

AFFORDABLE: WEach Seats costs just $4.50 per day with a monthly membership, and members can stay all day without the pressure to purchase anything.

CONVENIENT: Freedom feels great, and so does reliability. WEach Seats gives members access to all the sites in the network so they can explore them all, and the ability to reserve their seat before they arrive.

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Why it's Different


WEach Seats vs Home Office

WEach Seats believes no one should go an entire week staring at a wall, trying to get inspired, never leaving the house. Especially when, not too far away, there is a trendy, quirky, inviting space. At WEach Seats locations, members are surrounded by a community of interesting freelancers, entrepreneurs, and remote employees feeding off each other’s energy.

WEach Seats vs Coffee Shop

WEach Seats believes working shouldn’t mean having to fight for a seat, an outlet, and a good wifi signal, only to be crammed onto a small table with someone else. At WEach Seats locations, members get their own table with good wifi, ample outlets, and all the coffee they can drink. Members can even come and go as they want during the day, without losing their seat, and reserve their seat before they even arrive.

WEach Seats vs Other Coworking

WEach Seats believes that traditional coworking spaces don’t always meet the needs of “on-the-go” professionals, so we offer our members another choice: they can enjoy a variety of spaces that are local to them or convenient to downtown, all the while getting many of the essential features of the coworking experience.